reception for "these marks are but fragments of us" at CCA this Thursday, April 4th from 7-10 pm

main installation process images

main installation process images

Please join us for a reception for the installation "these marks are but fragments of us", this Thursday April 4th from 7-10 pm at CCA's main SF campus space (1111 Eigth Street, SF, CA, 94107) in the Nave. 

This interdisciplinary studio looked to examine the nature of surfaces, color, light and space through the instigation and eventual transformation of CCA’s main nave space. By utilizing different techniques such as collage, modeling, photography, rendering, drawing and scripting, in both the analog and digital domain, the studio sought to explore the interstices between interior design, installation, art, and architecture.

By exploring a variety of themes each student developed their own studio project focused on a certain aspect of surface, color, light and space; and then further investigated these ideas through a series of material artifacts that culminated in their own final project that was combined, altered, shifted and integrated into a larger composition that comprises the final mural.

Exuberance. An overabundance of images frozen in stop motion. Pixelation, noise, reverberation, pause. This collective woven moment of transitory impermanence, a massive transparent surface imagined new, redefined and reconfigured as a degraded pulsating and shifting color field. These marks are but fragments of us.

Thanks to all the students involved in the course:

Carl Lyon, Carleigh Wamberg, Anna Korkobcova, Kathryn VanCleave, Sara Schneider, Alexander Decicco, Kangning Zhao, Jennifer Giessler, Taylor Patton, Alan Hayes, Sin Lao, Bianca Koch, Hossna Nadjafabadi, David Kelley

And special thanks to:

Ila Berman, Director of Architecture, Cathrine Veikos, Chair of the Interior Design Department, Lisa Stoneman, Director of Academic Administration, Noah Bartlett, Director of Facilities and Operations