doors of athens

doors are ripe with both psychological and physical intrigue, for they are passageways into other spaces and places, worlds that ordinary and extraordinary people inhabit. there is a certain mystery and wonder behind these especially fine doorways i've discovered in athens, greece. the striking details of both the metal work and the surrounding marble, concrete, and wood that sometimes adorns certain specimens led me to first remark upon their significance and intrigue.

doors of athens is a photography project conceived of and started in 2012, however, 2014 marks the real beginning of it in a more organized dimension. shot entirely and edited with the iphone 5s this represents part of a slow transformation from analogue to digital as I have mainly been photographing with smart phones over the past 4 years. i think of these as sketches but also as final pieces for the quality of the digital print has come so far and these are spectacular in printed form.