ingrained: an ecology of brewing

a new brewery for an era of awareness... recycling, reuse, and sustainability. located in the fishtown area of philadelphia, pa. a waterfront hotel and brewery hybrid that links the ancient tradition of brewing with travel and the discovery of a process that utilizes all of the potentials of a complete system. through the fermentation of barley and hops beer is produced, however, the normal route of wasted by-products is skipped over by integrating the growing of mushrooms from wasted grains and the harvesting of algae from the highly alkaline waste water. with classes in home-brewing techniques, visitors are welcome to spend some leisure time at the brewery as well as take in the surrounding neighborhood of northern liberties where bars and restaurants populate almost every corner. as a once industrial neighborhood begins to transform into an area of living, working, and entertaining, the brewery is situated at an opportune point in the future of the area. as borders thin out the brewery becomes an intersection point in the neighborhood, where people can gather, commune, and converse.