picturing us

                        picturing us    

                        in this July

                        there is mass to the terms

                        of mourning

                        endeavoring complications,

                        a month of passing-fits


                                                staccato, quick

                                                and rising,

                                                banners of sound –

                                                (I am) propelled

                                                through the divide – of love –

                                                so far from (us)


                        were we older (I think, you say)

                        the outcome generated –

                        [so mechanical this retrospect distance]

                        weary reciprocal splitting,

                        the fight against what assailed us

                        may have been altered.


                                                and now,

                                                dull regret,

                                                the swinging doorway,

                                                without consequence

                                                attic stairs arrivals, departing

                                                fails to hold my hand,

                                                for the lingering senses

                                                of your heat – still –

                                                haunting the passageways of vision.


                        these fits, though,

                        will bear flesh

                        rejoicing –

                        with reservations

                        and the past situated

                        (a lingering myth)

                        my heat stirs

                        desire long dormant

                        for all the worlds delight.