academic course work

a compilation of work from the university of pennsylvania school of design masters in architecture program. this body of work was produced between 2007 and 2010.

the corroded skin: experiments in surface transformation

working with an extensive image library and utilizing both analog and digital techniques of fabrication, material studies, corrosion investigations, connection processes, transparency, and resistance; the corroded skin was partially fabricated, actualized and represented for a future facade surface.

through both analog and digital fabrication techniques the panels were fabricated by utilizing laser cut patterns that were sand blasted with image patterns that were then corroded using an ammonia and salt bath to speed up the corroded surface, presenting what the facade would look like in the future.

in collaboration with joseph lattrell

faculty advisor: cathrine veikos

exquisite grove

a canopy. patterns of light and darkness. shadows of hidden spaces. growth. overgrowth. a botanical garden on the west side of manhattan. extending the wild, the wilderness of the high line. marking the entrance of a new species unfamiliar to lower new york city. plants housed within bifurcating branch like systems of structure; structured platforms, etfe pillows floating above weightless and effervescent. a mutation. the morphological changes revealed through an investigation of stress and their divisions as an architecture of modification and adjustment, a place where visitors trapeze along their route discovering new dimensions, new exotics reach for them as they pass engulfed in the mist of a rainforest. a desert scent lingers on the tongue as you pass back into the hot tar blacktop streets of new york city...

in collaboration with jonathan kayton

faculty advisor: ferda kolatan

the seeds of transformation

the reading viaduct, a derelict structure that hovers over the transitional neighborhood known as Callowhill, or the loft district, in Philadelphia, PA, remains as a remnant of the past railway age and the site of the new: a potential for metamorphosis. he nodal point analysis of moments within the site revealed a pattern of public interfaces, a network of lines was then established and reworked by two scripts; one a voronoi pattern that established new lines that were used as an overlay on the site. tracing the remnants of a past stream that is now the site of the sewage system, a cracking script was run along that trajectory in order to form the path of a new subterranean network - a new passageway through the site.

faculty advisor: annette fierro

ingrained: an ecology of brewing

a new brewery for an era of awareness... recycling, reuse, and sustainability. located in the fishtown area of philadelphia, pa. a waterfront hotel and brewery hybrid that links the ancient tradition of brewing with travel and the discovery of a process that utilizes all of the potentials of a complete system. through the fermentation of barley and hops beer is produced, however, the normal route of wasted by-products is skipped over by integrating the growing of mushrooms from wasted grains and the harvesting of algae from the highly alkaline waste water. with classes in home-brewing techniques, visitors are welcome to spend some leisure time at the brewery as well as take in the surrounding neighborhood of northern liberties where bars and restaurants populate almost every corner. as a once industrial neighborhood begins to transform into an area of living, working, and entertaining, the brewery is situated at an opportune point in the future of the area. as borders thin out the brewery becomes an intersection point in the neighborhood, where people can gather, commune, and converse.

faculty advisor: phu hoang

intercellular connectivity: responsive surface specificity

in this project we were interested in exploring the architectural implications of the study of intercellular relationships within the epithelial cells of mammary tissue. taking inspiration from LeRicolais, we would like to investigate the possibility of developing synergetic structural models in which the sum of its components yields much greater results than that of each individual part. we believe that examining cell-cell interactions through the careful study of their connective processes, along with their relation to signals from their microenvironment has the potential for implications in architecturally relevant surface topologies. through studying cell adhesion processes and the formation of the lumen in normal polarized cells, in conjunction with the breakdown of the lumen and the ECM (extra-cellular matrix) through tenascin-c dependent changes in the basement membrane, polarity, and lumen intact through an intermediate state towards a disordered condition where cells move inward disrupting the lumen due to tenascin-c introduction and basement membrane distortion. the architectural implications of a switch (tenascin-c) that alters the exterior surface condition will then affect the number of connections and the quality of connections (thickness and thinness) for the overall model. we plan on considering in our analysis the relationship between the biological process, environments, and their potential manipulations for yielding various results with intriguing architectural implications.

In collaboration with emaan farhoud and chun fang

faculty advisor: jenny sabin

factory 54

an epic affair or better known as the story of an ego run amok.... from ash dump in queens, new york to the sight of man's triumph... moses tackled one world's fair, why not another. johnson's technicolor circus spaceship has landed. With Warhol's portraits of criminals nixed by moses himself. warhol as an emblem of the strain between the vernacular, the public, and perception. what was it that I was dreaming anyhow? of the 60s? who am I again? isn't this whole architecture thing just fashion anyway? the pavilion crumbles under the weight of time's passage. i've always wondered who the third man was... a modern day pot-boiler for sure. Is it safe? structurally I mean of course... and what's this map? a road map... to where? to a derive they say, a derive! for it's a cult of personality after all. why not try to reach the informal landscape through the rigid geometry. and a labyrinth of possibilities within the plan. to decompose the solid that is. it's the aura after all. the mystique, a reflection of what was but that can never be again. now what do you see in the pool? your reflection, the buildings? time? and what road will you take? can the map tell you... it's a marker of the present without the past... what was there cannot return, so instead cast your wishes into the void.

faculty advisor: gionata rizzi

[[ruins] or at present a certain decline]

history and its' interaction with the present. substitution, replication, intervention, decline. systems dismantled, re-established, inserted. skeletal remains implanted in the present, precursors of transition, bones discovered, the past re-established, reconfigured. transformation in process, buried parts, an unnecessary whole, the possible dislocation located, the future uncoiled wrapped in structure disintegrated.

faculty advisor: alex pincus

the deluge averted

transported to the monsoon environment of Mumbai, the deluge averted tracks the transformation of a water collecting landscape from a spiked ritual platform to a moving manipulated siphoning device aiding in the containment and safe keeping of the precious yet potentially dangerous waters falling from above. controlled by the data patterns of rainfall accessed through the NOAA and passed through the interoperable landscape modeled and harnessed by the power of parametric design.

in collaboration with alex vazquez and megan burke.

faculty advisor: keith kaseman